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Flower, Produce, Craft & Children's Competitions

Printable Documents...

Click on the buttons below for printable versions of the Flower, Produce, Craft and Children's Competition information and entry forms.

How to Enter...

The deadline to submit completed Registration Forms for the Flower, Produce and Craft Show is 8pm on Thursday 11th July 2024. ONLY children’s Registration Forms (16 years and under) may be submitted on the day of the show (before 9.45am).

You can register your entries by submitting a completed Registration Form before 8pm on Thursday 11th July in one of the following three ways:

In person - Registration Forms can be submitted on Thursday 11th July 2024 between 6pm – 8pm at the Pavilion on Binsted Recreation Ground.
By Email – email your completed Registration Form to
By Post/ Hand Delivered – post or hand deliver your completed Registration Form to ‘Crofters Keep’, Wheatley Lane, Kingsley, GU35 9NX


All entries must have been registered by the submission of a Registration Form in accordance with the above.

All entries (flowers, produce, craft etc) must then be delivered to the Marquee on Binsted Rec between 7:30am – 9.45am on Saturday 13th July 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: The Marquee will be closed from 10am for judging.


  1. Entry Fee: £2 per class (Children’s entries are FREE) – (i) payment in cash (ii) cheque made out to “Binsted Fete & Flower Show” (iii) Bank Transfer – Lloyds acc number 00021109 //sort code 30-99-09 [use surname as reference] or (iv) SumUp card payment if registering at the Recreation Ground on Thursday 11th July.

  2. Exhibits may be laid out between 7.30am and 9.45am on the morning of the show.

  3. Exhibitors not wishing to donate their produce to the tea & cake tent should remove their exhibit between 3.30pm and 4pm.

  4. Where there are less than three entries in a class, prizes and cups will only be awarded at the judges’ discretion.

  5. Two or more exhibitors from the same address may each enter the same class as separate exhibitors.

  6. All judging under Royal Horticultural Society’s current rules but the judges have full discretion. The Royal Horticultural Society publishes an excellent little book The Horticultural Show Handbook which is full of useful tips. See

  7. Points in all sections: First: 3 points, Second: 2 points, Third: 1 point.

  8. A “novice” is a first or second year entrant who has not won a cup or first prize previously.


All trophies may be held for one year. We would be very grateful if you could engrave your name on the trophy(s) you have won and return them to the committee ahead of next year’s event.

Please contact Matt Arrowsmith on 07717 750035 if you hold a trophy.

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